Am I being toyed with through texting?

Met a guy online about 2 months ago. He decided to give his number out and we started texting everyday all day and night. We even text at work back and forth. We have never met just text. Exchange pictures everyday. Apparently we have a connection. He keep saying how he likes me a lot ,plus all other kinds of compliments. I do like him too but I wanna be safe and don't get hurt but I'm afraid is too late. It seems like he doesn't want to commit in meeting however he says we will meet soon. I have told him how I feel like he is only playing games, and feel toyed.. he says guys don't text toys all day and night also he reassures me that he likes me a lot. I am so confused, at the end I don't know this guy, is so hard to catch if he is sincere through texting but at the same time I ask myself why does he waste his time with me if he is only playing games?


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  • that enough should have been a sign that his not playing games with you..maybe he just want to take things slow and not move so fast


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  • I don't believe he is playing games, but I do believe that you have different point of view regarding the kind of relationship you have. I think he doesn't take you too seriously like you do with him. You set hopes for meeting him in person whereas he is just enjoying the moment. You are looking further than today. He does not. If you are OK with that, then it's fine. If you are looking for a serious relationship, I don't think he will fulfill this dream for you. All in all, take things slow so as to protect yourself. Don't share things you will regret sharing later on. Get to know him better as well. :)

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