Is there a correlation with guys paying and how they feel about you?

Assuming the guy is not like a lifelong friend...

How often do guys pay? I usually go dutch with all friends regardless of male or female.


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  • My 3 cents: (1) If it is not a date a guy should not be required to pay; (2) even if it is a date, the girl should at least offer; (3) after a set number of dates (lets say 4 or 5), the girl/guy should be either going dutch, or taking turns paying.

    • i think so too. Now I end up paying like maybe at most 20% of the time, he insists on paying most of the time to the point we're playing credit card war.

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    • Well I would certainly be more inclined to pay if I were sleeping with the girl (although as I originally said this would have to stop eventually). If you feel so bad, you can try one of the following: (1) offer to cook him dinner, I personally really like it when girls cook for me, and think it shows even more interest on the part of the girl than offering to pay ever could, OR (2) when you make plans say I am only going if I can pay this time.

    • Why would you be more inclined to pay if you were sleeping with the girl? I don't like that idea, I would get the impression as if he's paying for sex even though I know it's not his intention. I like to make him feel taken care of.

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  • No, there isn't whatsoever. Guys pay just because they want to and have no problem doing it, or because they just want to get laid and are too stupid to know it's a stupid strategy.

    • We slept together before. Now he pays a lot more and they seem like dates.

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  • what is going dutch mean? I like for guys to pay and usually they do pay for me

    • lmao no sh*t, I love free stuff too!

    • its not really free because I already feel like I'm doing him a favor just for hanging out with him

    • haha that's how I feel too! I think we both gotta raise our standards of people we go out with =)