I feel like I bug my friend when I always text him and want to hang out..

I'm a few years older, so we're at different parts in our life. We're pretty close though, we can talk about anything and always have a good time together. However, there are many times I feel like I shouldn't text him because I think I annoy him, like I try talking to him too much. He has other friends besides me and I know that, but since we can't see each other as much as we used to for the time being, I just want to keep the friendship. Does it get obnoxious if I text him every few days or few weeks asking how he is and what's new?


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  • A couple times a week shouldn't be because for alarm, or a couple of times every other week isn't that much. If it is every day or every other day, that's a bit much if you ask me. Remember, he has other friendships to fall back on.

    Instead of leaning on him so much, how about expanding your friend circle so you can spread the love? What if God forbid he was to die tomorrow? For your own peace of mind, you need more than just one person to always reach out to. What steps have you taken to befriend more people?


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