Why doesn't she reply to my texts?

I'm friends with this girl, and I text her a few days a week. She doesn't always text me back I'd say she replies to one out of every four I send her. I like this girl and at times I feel like she likes me too. Are there any reasons that she could have for not replying? I don't think I'm the only one she does this to though, I believe there are other people she doesn't reply to too. Are there some girls like this that just don't like to text or something?


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  • You're not going to answer my answer because I didn't like this answer when I heard it...

    Give it a few days, no texting, no contact whatsoever. Then give her a call when you think she'd be available to talk. If it goes to voice mail, don't leave one. Then wait. She will give you a call back if she wants to talk to you. If not, she won't.

    • Sorry, typo... I meant "You're not going to LIKE my answer because I didn't like this answer when I heard it..."

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  • That is called experience. She's been hurt before so now guys who date her better deserve her attention. My advice would be to be patient and flirt with other girls.


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  • Sure it is possible that some people just don't text that often. Maybe ask her if there is a better way to stay in touch with her.