Will I be a rebound? Am I setting myself up to get hurt? :-\

So I've been single for about eight or nine months now after a pretty painful breakup. I've dated around a bunch and now feel like I'm ready to be in a serious relationship.

Over the weekend I went to a friend’s house and saw this really great guy who I haven’t seen in a few years. We had a great time, have a ton in common, and he asked me if I wanted to do something with him this week or weekend. He’s great. He’s, funny, smart, sweet and interesting. We both have similar jobs and seem to have similar goals. Problem is, I just found out that he just broke up with his long-term girlfriend a MONTH ago. I’m pretty sure they’ve been dating for four or five years and were living together before the breakup. According to our mutual friends, they broke up because he was ready to move forward with his life and she didn’t have her sh*t together with her career, friends, lifestyle, etc. That’s literally all I know.

How do I approach this? It took me eight months to get over my last relationship, which barely lasted a year. With that said, is it a bad idea to get involved if I’m ready to be in a committed relationship and he’s newly single? Or could this relationship have been over for a while, making him ready to date someone again?

I don’t want to pass up such a good opportunity, but I’m cautious. Help! :)

*oh, and I'm 28 and he's 26


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  • Dear Ms. Cougar... Just kidding. Since he left her he won't need anywhere as long to heal as you took but I'd keep it light until you get some signal that he's ready to go for it. If you can get him to talk about his breakup, that would be best since getting intelligence from friends is notoriously unreliable. Much better to not triangulate.

    • thanks for the advice! I'm keeping it casual and seeing where it goes.

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