Met someone who lives 400 miles away- no idea what's up with him?

I met someone 3 weeks back who lives 400 miles away. He's originally from my area, and comes here for work about 2 times a month.

The night we met, it was pretty "instant" We were talking, smiling, the chemistry was insane. We were kissing like 30 minutes later and pretty much danced and kissed the whole night. He made it clear he wanted to see me again.

He did call me the next week, and we made plans to see each other (on week 2)

We saw each other again and it was even better than the first time. He constantly complimented me, he was really nervous at first, which led me to think he was interested and couldn't quite function around me at first. He commented that our chemistry was amazing (and it IS!) He mentioned we should keep in touch and keep things slow (I HAVE NOT slept with him, I feel that is important for you all to know- we've kept it to pretty hot & heavy kissing, but NO touching!)

He texted me about 5 days ago, just a basic "hi" type of text, and I emailed him a youtube video I thought was funny on Friday.

I haven't heard from him at all. I am super perplexed, since he seemed to be just as into me as I am with him. I respect he wants to take it slow (whatever "it" is) but seriously ONE text a week?!

He has a very busy job (1st year of being an ER doctor at a very busy city hospital)

But I just don't get it since I think we "clicked" SO HARD!

Any ideas? I don't want to freak him out, but he could have at least responded to my email! I really want to see him again!

I ended up texting him asking if he could come up anytime soon, and he said he wanted to, but was still unsure if work was going to send him up. he said we will talk soon, so I texted "sure give me a call"

he said "will do"

wtf? i


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  • if he is a first year er doc then most likely that one night a week you saw him and the once a week text is because he is at work all the other times, I had a relationship with a 2nd year resident at a local hospital and it was the same way, when you are just starting out in that field you are the fall back for everyone else you work very hectic schedules so don't worry he will get back to you