First date, now what? What should I do?

So I went out on a first date with a guy met on a dating site last night, and we had a really great time. He walked me to my car and while we standing there he did say that his schedule was really open and he'd like to get together again. After I got home I texted him telling him again, that I had a really great time and would like to see him again and he agreed with both.

So my question is...Now what? I already know that I'm going to see if he wants to go see a movie this week, but that's like 6 days away, do I text him in the meantime to just talk? Or do I sit back and wait for him to contact me?


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  • I'd say it's his turn now. You text-ed him last, now give him the ball and see what he does with it.

    I guess that would be the norm, but have the two of you been equals or is one chasing the other more?

    • It's been relatively equal I guess. He was the one who asked to meet up in the first place, so I'm thinking maybe he's going to wait for me?

What Girls Said 1

  • i think you should contact him some times and wait for hin to contact you some times.

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