Online Dating Question - I really need advice please!

We've known each other for years.. He cheated on me once and got serious with another girl he met online. They actually met and she was his first (in bed and everything). All the while, he was flirting with me and leading me on.

After they broke up, he called me crying to confide in me and I forgave him and helped him through it. We fight a LOT, break up and get back together..

He says he refuses to get serious and call me a girlfriend until we meet and see if we get along. He always says that if I lived by him, I would be his hands down.. I was going to meet him this summer, but I told him I wouldn't sleep with him on the first time and he broke up with me in a fight.. He said I discussed it the wrong way (which is probably true). We're talking again, and we're going to take it really slow .. one step at a time.. He really wants to meet me, but I'm scared that he's going to leave me again and it will hurt worse after we meet. What do I do? He's probably all wrong for me and I'm probably all wrong for him.. Is this ever going to work out or should I just give up hope? I really do like him.. obviously. He likes me too, but he's the typical guy who doesn't show his feelings and that makes it harder to figure out what I should do.

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  • You fight a lot, he cheated, what more do you need to know?

    Leave and don't look back.

    Delete him from Facebook, your phone, etc. and move on.

    If you respect yourself in the least, you'll do the above.

    • Is it still okay to walk away if I loved him for years - no matter what he did to me?

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    • Yeah.. I could never tell why I always forgave him so easily. It's not going to be easy..

      The right things to do are always the hardest though. Any tips to break the addiction other than no contact?

    • Start spending more time with your friends and family. Check out and look to direct your love and friendship elsewhere. Take up a new hobby. Keep yourself so busy you won't have time to feel sorry for yourself or give yourself the opportunity to regret your choice. Busy, busy, busy! It is the only way to get over someone, plus of course, time.

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  • I never did like the scene of people who are together and fight and break-up a lot. It shouldn't be that hard. I have been dating my girl for just over a year and we haven't had one single thing to argue about. Maybe you just get wiser with age, but I'd say find someone who doesn't fight with you.

  • all I can say is C! lol


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