What is considered a date?

The word date is kinda vague...

In my book it is at least holding hands, while doing the normal flirting, etc.

So this is what me and my crush (and soon to be girlfriend! :) ) did yesterday:

Hung out at a local coffee shop for about 30-45 minutes with a mutual friend. We were going to go sledding, but the snow kinda melted :/

Then when our other friend left, her and I went for a walk (her idea) around town, in the quieter back streets for a little less than 2 hours, then I walked her to her house and hugged her goodbye (she liked the hug)

I know it wasn't a date (and I wasn't really planning on it) but I am just wondering what you guys consider a "date".


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  • that's so cute! I think taking your friend out of the equation, it was an unplanned/unofficial date...

    • so only because the other friend left it was a date?

      I don't know... if people asked me if I have ever been on a date, I would say no, we didn't even hold hands!

    • that's what I said it was an unofficial date, but you two got to be alone hanging out, spending time together, getting to know a bit more each other, so it didn't end on a kiss or holding hands, well that's why the official dates are for.. my point is, if you would have planned from the beginning to go on a date.. that stuff you did would have perfectly be a date.. and if you had a good time together would have been a perfect date. :)

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