I finally go his number, what do I do next?

So I have seen this guy a few months and then we broke it off and had a huge argument. Now we are on friendly terms and I was able to get his number back and we talked a few times since he works in the office of my apartment building, What do I do next wait a few days and ask how he is doing?


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  • Yeah go ahead an contact him, if ya ended it in friendly terms I don't see why not.

    • should I wait a few days since I just got it like now... and if so what should I say

    • -was he the one that gave you the number?

      and just be like, hey, what's up? ...it's been awhile how have you been?

    • i asked for it just in case reasons and he was like sure and gave it to me so yeah he was super nice to me now

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