Online dating, how to make her more interested in me?

I started talking to this girl online through I know it sounds petty what I'm about to say but gotta get it out there. We have been talking for a few days now, she responds but they are one to 2 sentence answers. I don't know if she is not interested in me anymore or what? I really like her just from what she has told me and she is pretty. Any thoughts or comments what I should do?


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  • If she is a real looker, she's probably getting about 200 messages a day from other guys. You are not the only guy she's talking to, I guarantee it. The sooner you get her phone number the better. If she isn't willing to give it out, she's just not that into you and only seeking your attention. As for her digits and we'll see how interested she is in getting to know better. Good luck.

    • I asked the other day and she said she didn't wanna give out her number right away to someone, I can understand that but if she didn't want anything to do with me then why even respond at all? head scratcher

    • Well, she could just be polite. The other thing is that she might also want to get to know her better. Try asking more open-ended questions that can't be answered with simple answers. "What would your ideal vacation be?" as compared to do you like pie or cake better? See where I'm going with this? :)

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