Should I flirt with her?

There's this girl that I have a few mutual friends with, but I have no idea if she has a boyfriend still or not. The reason I don't want to just ask her out and let her tell me is because I still have to see her regularly and it could get awkward since we have quite a few mutual friends even though we're not that close. I can't find out from my mutual friends as I'm afraid words will travel and the guy she was with the last I heard actually knows me.

The only thing I can go by is that she's being very friendly with me, but we haven't really talked about much personal stuff although her sister who I don't really know that well neither have asked me about some personal stuff. The sister is very outgoing though and I know she's not into me even though she's the one that does the talking because the two of them have completely different vibes. The one I'm interested in have a very girly, shy, friendly and nervous sort of vibe whereas the sister that talked to me have this very just friends sort of vibe in like facial expressions, voice tone and just general things she does.

I'm just wondering if I should flirt with this girl? Is it wrong because last I heard was that she was back with that guy (but this was like 4 months ago) and I'd hate to get into the middle of anything, however with the way she's acting I just feel that I should flirt back in case she's actually single now...? There's a lot more details to this but I'd rather not post them on here, but can message you if you are willing to help!


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  • Well I can't message you right now but I will later and from the details so far, I say ask a friend of they are still dating and if not, go for it!

  • when it goes with the conversation tht your having with one of her mutual friends, just casually ask if she's dating anyone. if she's not, go for it. flirt and ask her out. hope I helped.


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