Why do I always end up being in this situation?

I do not have a problem with men, getting attention from them, or keeping them around, dating-wise. My problem is that the guys who do stick around (most whom I do not have sex with) always tell me they do not what they want or they do not want a relationship. I have a good idea that some of these men are seeing other girls too, because sometimes I do not hear from them for 4-5 days at a time and at one point they used to text me everyday and call me nicknames. If I wanted to just have a casual fling/just date, then I would have a handful of men, but I do not. To me it appears like I only hang out with them at the guys' convenience. How do I not be a sloppy second to them and be the only one they want to hang out with?


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  • Where are you finding most of these men? It sounds like they aren't your type to begin with, perhaps you need to look elsewhere?

    • college campus...? haha

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    • NOT marriage but a possible relationship

    • I didn't say you have to get hitched, but even a relationship is hard to pull off in college. You just have to filter through a lot of guys that aren't serious about women. Think less parties, more study hall and the lab. Those that take their schooling seriously are more likely to take you seriously.

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