Shoul I call or not to call, pretty please help?

So in short, I went to a club on Thursday night and danced and made out with this guy for most of the time. At the end he gave me his number, and called his own phone, since he didn't have it on him. And said he'd call in two days...and it's obviously been longer than that.

Now I'm not naive I know that hooking up at a club will most likely not lead to anything but why would he lie about calling. Especially since he:

-Gave me various compliments

-I left the dance floor at one point (thought I wouldn't see him again), and then he found me later

-He stuck around till the end even when I was chatting with my friends and the party was over

- He said he should have gotten my number instead I'm wondering whether I should maybe try call, just out of curiosity. Or should I just leave it at that?

Thanks! And sorry, I know it's a pretty long Q


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  • IMO:

    Call him ONCE. Be casual: "Hey, we had a pretty good time the other night and I was wondering if I was going to hear from you anytime soon. Give me a call when you get a chance. Bye!"

    If he doesn't call back, then forget him. If he does, then obviously you can take it from there.


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  • He was probably at least slightly intoxicated. By the time he got back to his phone, he might have forgotten who you were or at least linking your phone number to a face. After all, he might have done this with a couple of other girls. He's either forgotten about you, you are low on his priority list, or asked for your number just to make himself feel good about grabbing numbers for the sake of grabbing numbers. You can call him, but be forewarned, he doesn't sound that interested or at the very least, isn't in a rush to call you back.


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