What were your early teen romances like?

like 12-15/16 years of age. Any funny/interesting/embarrassing stories to share?

Girls--which were the most memorable romances? Which were they funniest (not trying to be mean but can't think of another word at night) ones.

Guys same question^

Please be mature in your responses and not try to overly offend or be rude to anyone.


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  • Really stupid sh*t. Like I "dated" a wannabe gangster as a freshman.. that lasted oh 2 weeks. Then he came knocking on my door a few months later claiming I made him become addicted to cigarettes and he showed up on my stoop with some girl who I thought was a guy and he was trying to shove a cigarette in my mouth... um stupid. Last time I saw him he was working as a carnie at a carnival.

    Then some other guy for 2 weeks my freshman year but he "dumped" me because he liked someone else... (oh what a surprise for 14 year olds lol.)

    Then, and this isn't funny, but as a freshman also dated a guy who was a senior and is now in prison because he's a pedophile. I "dated" him for like a week but broke up with him because he said my friends 12 year old sister was hot. And he was 18... he dated all my friends and me for 2 weeks or less so we all got a turn. Ugh.

    Then sophomore year so 15 years old dated this freshman guy that I had a crush on but he followed me into the bathroom at homecoming and blamed it on me and this guy friend of mine showed me his conversation with him on MSN saying he told his mom it was my fault and sh*t so broke up with him after 2 weeks.

    Then dated this hick for a week but I didn't really like him to begin with, I just knew he liked me and he was kind of cute.

    I liked 2 popular guys when I was in 6th grade, a christian boy in 8th grade, some random dude whose name rhymed with turkey in 10th grade and the biggest crush I had was on a Mexican who takes his name after a video game when I was 16.

    Then I dated this albino popular dude when I was in 6th grade for a day... which was stupid. Asked him out after I peed my pants at a dance LOL.

    All these "relationships" didn't last long so I still consider myself as never having a boyfriend.


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