Stay with him or forget him?

So I've been seeing this guy for about 6 months on and off. At the beginning he would constantly reply to my text msgs and talk to me everyday. But now he barley texts or talks to me. I would constantly text him, but he would always end the conversation by not replying back. At times I would not talk to him for weeks because I don't want to bother him and seem clingy. however a week ago he did apologize for not hitting me up as much because he said school and work has been keeping him busy. but what I don't understand is he could go clubbing and drink with his friends, but he won't send me text to even say hi or ask to hang out? ... I am getting mix signals from him. What are you're thoughts?


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  • why does everyone try to work so hard at obviously failed connections? drop him. find someone you don't have so many issues with and doesn't give you that sick feeling all the time. so many people have so many problems in their relationships because they are settling for someone who isn't right for them. you'll know right off the bat if he's the right guy. if you have to question it, he isn't. quit wasting time and go find someone else. you can't fix and change people and the more you try the more animosity you create between the two of you.


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  • My thoughts? I'd say cling on, keep trying to communicate with him; best thing to do would be to catch up over some lunch or activity. It'll remind him how much he is missing out as he hasn't been keeping in contact regularly. He probably is busy, and keeps delaying his messages to you, I'm sure he does think about replying just never gets around to. Maybe try to join him with the clubbing and his activities :)

    All the best!

    • lol really? 1)keep clinging 2)remind him he misses you (when I miss someone, people have to remind me too) 3)make excuses for why he isn't answering... wow. Just walk on me and then do it again please. Unhealthy.

    • As mentioned, those are "My thoughts".

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  • WOW. Um, are you and I the same person? I literally experienced EVERYTHING you wrote. Everything! Even the same time frame (six months) and wondering how he has time to go out with friends if he's too busy to see me. Even the texting! Agh! It's nice to know I'm not alone.

    Seeing as how I've experienced the same, I can honestly say that I don't think he's as interested anymore. My guy certainly lost interest. He went from being in constant contact and cooking me dinner, to not replying to my texts and telling me he's busy. He lost interest in me, for whatever reason, and I've moved on. I also would go weeks without contacting him trying not to be clingy and intrigue him, but it didn't seem to work.

    There are plenty more fish in the sea. This guy is a dead end. But believe me, once you've moved on he'll suddenly contact you wanting to hang out. DON'T SEE HIM! He had his chance and he blew it! Good luck!

  • I wouldn't waste my time on him if I were you :)

    If he doens't lay time for you on his small sparetime, I suppose he don't want to either.

    But you know him better than me. Maybe he actually is intrested? Then keep up talking to him! You could even call him to ask him out for coffee or anything casual...

    I think it's your decision!

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