Which girl should I choose?

Girl 1)

- I've been with her informally for about 6 months

- She is a sweet girl. But sometimes she doesn't say what she feels if I don't say what I feel first. She doesn't express herselft too much verbally

- She has been with me when my mother had health issues and had surgery

- She is cute

- We don't have much in common, sometimes we don't have much to talk about

- We are comfortable having sex

- She is from another city, and I don't know if when she finnishes her studies, she will still live here

- Her father has recently been hospitalized

Girl 2)

- I've been informally with her for about a month

- She is really sweet, always expressing what she feels to me

- When we started, she kissed another guy the same night that I kissed her. She tried to deny it by lying, but then she admitted it, when I told her I saw them.

- She is goergeous

- We have a lot in common, we can talk for hours

- We didn't have sex, she has some issues with that

- She has strong feelings for me

Opinions!? Please! by the way I'm 27 years old


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  • Hmmm that's a tough one, they both sound like really great ladies and they both have nice qualities.

    Girl 1, sounds like a total sweetheart and you guys have been through highs and lows already..but since you guys don't have the best chemistry..what if you meet someone else and you guys have the best chemistry..which is where girl 2 comes in

    Girl 2, sounds like a good time and definitely sounds like she's down for you, the way you put it sounds like you guys have great chemistry BUT the whole lying thing and her not coming clean until you had to say " you saw them kissing " isn't cool. It just makes me think like okay, so if she could lie about that what else would she lie about throughout your relationship, you know.. other than that she's a good catch.

    Honestly I don't know, you should just take both of them on a date and feel out their vibes then make up your mind or something. Girl one - not the best chemistry but super sweet girl whereas Girl 2 - best chemistry but lied.

    Good luck with your choice !


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  • I jst read the question "Which girl shall I choose" and here is my answer

    If you loved the 1st girl then you won't be looking for another one , which means that you didn't really like the 1st girl thus you fell for the 2nd girl

    SIMPLY :

    Choose the last girl that you fell for =)

    *Hope that helped ya *


    • It's interesting what you say... I guess that finding someone else after, means something..

  • umm definitely not 1.. you gotta have a connection and it sounds like that one's a big fat no.. number 2 sounds like trouble.. you can go for her but be careful because she might break your heart.

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  • Neither. You don't sound like you sincerely like Girl 1, and Girl 2 will break your heart.

  • I think you don't really like number one so number 2 is the one to go, however be careful as she might hurt but well you got to try it...

    you have things in common with number 2 and can talk for hours so yeah stay with this one...


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  • I feel like girl 1 would make a better friend than lover. I'd go with girl 2 and see how you feel after you get used to each other a little more

  • Always funny when comparing. Man, just go with the one you like the best, you don't need opinions there.

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