What is the right thing to say?

There's this girl that I've been spending a lot of time with recently, and I'm beginning to think she's interested in me. I like her, and I'm pretty sure it's high time I say something. The question is how I should go about it? Should I tell her I like her? Or should I ask her if she's interested in me? Maybe some combination thereof? Maybe something else entirely?

(I'm especially interested to hear what you gals out there have to say on the matter.)


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  • I would recommend staying away from asking her if she's interested...that puts her on the spot and if she only sees you as a friend it could become a very weird moment for both of you. Maybe tell her how you feel and ask her on a date to see if she's interested.


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  • If you feel that she's that interested. Next time you guys hangout alone make a move on her. Asking her how she feels about you is the last thing you should do. The only time you ask her how she feel is if you've been talking to her for months and neither one of you makes a move and its killing you to know.