Why Does This Keep Happening?

I've been on this sight for a while and I've gotten a lot of advice which all says to be myself and myself is shy but nice

My question Is " If I'm suppose to be myself, how come the guys I like go for the complete opposite kind of girl than me?" like the slutty type


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  • Well, honey, you have to be yourself. Don't lose your identity, your uniqueness and the beauty of your heart for anyone. If you changed yourself for a guy, will you be happy? I don't think so. You will be thrilled at first but will definitely feel empty and frustrated later on.

    As for why guys go for the 'slutty' type. At your age, the guys are mostly driven by their hormones. They want an easy fetch. They want to explore girls sexually. The want a girl who would sleep with them very soon. They aren't looking for a serious relationship. Ofcourse not all guys are like that. When the grow up, they tend to search for a girl like you to settle down with. You are the reliable type of girl. The one he will love, cherish and care about.

    If you changed yourself now, you will lose your identity in the end. It is not worth it. :)


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  • You probably think that these guys are going for slutty girls because you don't know the girls. You just assume they are slutty because they got the guy that you like. Someone is out there that will love you. You're still young, and have plenty of time to find a great guy. Enjoy being single, it won't last long.


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  • How do you know they are going for the slutty girls? Guys like sex even the good ones and all are capable of being douchebags even to the girls who are considered good in society. They just want sex. Don't worry about them they do not deserve you they obviously don't want what you want

    • Not all guys just want sex. Don't be so bitter.

    • Every straight man wants sex from a girl. I was not bring bitter I was stating a fact