Do guys like when girls text them first or do they think it's weird?

sometimes I text guys first, they usually text me first but if they are fun to talk to I'm not just going to sit around over analyzing it and hope they text me. sometimes I am scared that I'm being annoying but its whatever. I didn't think it was weird but on twitter there are so many tweets about how guys have to text girls first and I was like ..oh. so are guys OK with it or do they not like it? and also does it send the wrong message? because sometimes I just like the guy as a friend and I hope texting them first doesn't make them think I like him, I mean sometimes it does but not always.


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  • I like it when a girl text me first. It tells me that you are actually interested in talking to me


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  • if you want something go out and get it...if its just a friend case then make sure he knows that!


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