Does internet dating ever work out?

has anyone ever had a relationship come out of internet dating? did it work out, did it not.

i have a guy that I have been talking with for over a month on im, and we just connect like I have never connected with anyone like this before, but we are litterly on opposite coasts of the united states, so should I pursue it or just keep it as friends.


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  • I have a really close friend who developed her relationship with her current boyfriend over the internet. They talked on Skype every day and were really close and intimate. Of course, it wasn't immediate love--they were friends before the feelings came. They, too, lived in different states, and one day they just decided that they had to see each other. When they met, their physical attraction to each other became apparent as well, and they decided that what they shared together was something that they didn't want to love. They're now living together and engaged to be married :)

    Internet dating is tricky only because of the so called "risk" of it, but a lot of dating in person comes from getting to know the other anyway, so there's no big difference in that sense. The unfortunate part of it is, however, that you're not able to see him and evaluate your chemistry on a physical level (but some would argue that this aspect doesn't matter anyway). My point is, internet dating works, and is effective. Connection of the minds is far greater than "lust" that most people have when they start dating in person anyway.


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  • Internet dating through a reputable site is a great way to meet a compatible person. The problem arises when it comes to actually getting together with a distant match so people should be aware that, if they are serious about meeting a partner, then they must be willing to move.


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  • Im currently in an online relationship & I'm asking the same thing (: Cept I'm in New Zealand nd he's in america :| !

    I think yu should pursue it,

    There's no harm in giving it a go,

    & if the distance gets too hard then hey,

    Least you know you tried,

    Better than spending the rest of your life wondering.


  • I am now on my second relationship from internet dating and it does work. I found it easier because I'm not a confident person and you can also search for people that have simular interests as you.

    My 1st relationship lasted a year and half and we ended for personal reasons. I am now going out with another great guy who I met off the internet, we have only been together a month but it is going well. Both of the guys have lived within 30 minutes of me.

    I also have friends who are in relationships with people of the internet and it seems to be going well.

    If you want to give it a go, go for it. Just be sensible. Don't give away your address or personal details. Meet in a very public place and let someone know where you are.