Would it be creepy or a good try?

At my apartment complex our mailboxes are in a separate building and depending on where you live, it can be a long walk in the winter to get your mail. So a new girl moved into the complex and I met her at the mail room where she discovered she had forgotten her key. I offered to give her a ride back to her apt to get it, and she accepted. The conversation was back and forth and consistent on the short ride back and forth to the mail room, but naturally had to come to an end. When it did, I realized that I was driving off without her number. I know her name and apt number. Would it be weird to leave something at her mailbox? if not, what should I say?


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  • I think its fine. Make a little joke out of it. "Hey I forgot to get your number before! This is the only way I knew how to contact you :) ~Awesome guy who drove you to your apt"


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  • no it wouldn't be weird, I think you have a great in since she is new. Just say something along the lines that it's nice to have someone new come to the apartment who is actually interesting and that if she ever wants to do something or she's in a dire need of an egg at 8 in the morning to feel free to ask..mi casa is su casa...just make it light and not serious and she should see it as you being generous (just make it seem like you're a friendly neighbor). Don't ask her for her number or anything just give her your apt # if she doesn't know it and maybe your phone # but that's it