How do you feel about people you've had past flings with?

Flings, not relationships. So like a girl/boy you may have had an interest in before/done things with but no longer do.

Guys, if a girl you may have screwed over or hurt or ended things with wants to be friends with you, would you be against it or okay with it?

If you don't want to be friends with her, why?


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  • I feel find being around people I've had flings/sexual encounters with. If you are both mature adults and treat each other with respect then there are really no problems.

    I am very up front with women, so I think they know weather I am just looking for a hook up and that way nobody's feelings are hurt. There have been women that wanted to date me and its awkward around the ones who got frustrated with me or acted out because things did not work out. I really like having women as friends so id never cut someone off as a friend because we had hooked up or something. I think that for me you have to be able to be a friend before beings a girlfriend.

  • Against it, at least for a while. Why? For my own sanity.


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