Should I or shouldn't text him on his birthday?

This guy that I like, I havnt talked to him or texted him in a month and whenever I text him he doesn't reply or takes ages! He told me ages ago that his birthday is the 25th which is today! Should I text him if so what should I say or should I just leave it and forget about it?

Thanks girls for all your help! He didn't reply...


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  • Text him he'll like the surprise.

    • Are you sure it won't make me look desparate? Like I remebered all this time? What do I say?

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    • Thanks for the push I needed it! And if he replys and its awkward then I am coming here!

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  • if he has told you his birthday then you have no reason to be worried I think you should text him and say happy birthday and if he doesn't reply then just don't worry about texting him again, if he is ignoring you he isn't worth it.

  • Text him. it's a cute gesture

    But if your really shy about it just say that you found it out from Facebook or something (since fb shows birthdays of anyone who puts in their birth date).

    • I don't have Facebook? Does that make it awkward?

    • lol yeahh then definitely don't use the Facebook excuse. I don't even think he'll think horrible of it if you say happy birthday. just say it. IF he does ask...just say you have a good memory.