Is he disappointed or what?

Well there's this guy from school .. He texted me and asked what time is my vacant time and I told him the time then I asked him why. he told me he doesn't have someone to accompany him. I replied, "actually that's my dismissal time(my mistake)" then he said, "Oh okay then..sorry (po) - ('po' means for Filipinos, you are speaking with respect)." Then I told him, "hm... why don't you try going out for some time since your next class is still 3 hours ahead?" I also told him this mall's name called mall of area where it is simply a Honestly I joked about it... and then he replied with, "hmm.. but I'm not in the mood to go there.. actually I'm GG." I asked him what is GG. He told me that is just a SLOW expression. I asked him again what does he mean and he never replied. :(

- So I asked some of my friends what does GG mean. one friend told me it came from the game Dota All Stars. It means when you're defeated, you say "Good Game" as in GG.

So does it mean that he is dissapointed because of me? and the Slow expression? what does it mean? I'm not sure with my answers.. so please help me :(( I dnt want him to be like that.

Then there... I don't know if he was disappointed or what?ran out of load? lols.

so pls help asap...he doesn't even reply to my texts since yesterday. it happened before

Telling all about that does not mean I don't want to accompany him...

Sorry If it's messed up and sorry for my English...

Hmm.. I can sense that! Hahahaha. maybe you're right. Thanks! :))


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  • He didn't want to go to the mall. He didn't want to use those three hours to go anywhere. He just wanted to see you and enjoy your company. He felt defeated because you declined. This is why he used the GG expression. It seems that he really likes you. :)


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  • If you really respect someone, often you will say GG, meaning that you expected her to reject you and, that's all right, you still admire and respect her. He doesn't know that you really might want to accompany him.

    But he will be so happy to find out you do!

    • GG could also mean I'm good to go...meaning, oK, we're done talking then, see you. But he still was hoping your schedules would match up, I think

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