How long should I wait to text him?

I went on a date with a guy Sunday night, and at the end of the night he said that he wanted to see me again and that his schedule was open. It's Wednesday now and I haven't heard from him. Should I text him first? How long is the right time to wait to text?


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  • If you're dealing with a shy guy I'd text him. If he meant it that he wanted to see you again, you'd think that he'd contact you first right? wrong. Most guys are looking for a girl to contact them now-a-days. Things have changed, and that's for sure. I'd text him though, maybe he's waiting to see if you're availbable and leaving that up to you. If he doesn't contact you back, or doesn't want to go out again or doesn't bring it up then you know he's not worth your time, ditch him. Always keep in mind that you're the best thing to happen to him. :) good luck girl!


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  • It is sad how guys are the ones that are suppost to text back to show they are interested. I had plans to meet with a guy and he said he couldn't make it cause he friend called in that he wasn't going to work so he had to go in that was around 4 pm I didn't text him since and I got a text back tonight at 1030 and trying to figure out how long to wait to text back. Like what my girlfriends say if he is interested he will be sure to text. I know its hard but if he said that a couple days ago and he hasn't texted I am close to sure he won't text you anytime soon. Move on girl find yourself someone who takes the time to get a hold of you don't waste your time away waiting for this one guy to text you back. Your prince will appear in the least place you expect him to be :) good luck girl!

    • I posted this question about 3 months ago...since then (if this is the same guy that I posted the question about, because now I can't remember lol) we've been going out on all sorts of fun dates, we chat at least 3-4 times a week and we've gotten really close. As of right now we're "dating" but I'm really hoping that soon it develops into a committed relationship. As it turns out he's a slow moving guy to begin with, and the fact that he wasn't texting me all over the place was him taking it slow

  • I would wait for him. In the beginning you want to let him make the big gestures.

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