Choosing between my ex and my recent boyfriend?

I'm in such a difficult situation: my boyfriend and I are have a great relationship for 11 months.Actually its just almost great, recently (for 2 months) we are arguing sometimes seriously and my biggest problem is that I don't know if he loves me. I'm just not sure, he tries but I don't think a guy in love behaving like him.How can I make sure he loves me or not?I was so confused I told him I need some time to think, so we don't talk for a couple of days. But after I told him this my ex who I was sure that REALLY loves me. But I didn't want to be with him so I broke up with him and I was a bit cruel but he forgave me.And my ex texts me a lot and tomorrow I see him. (we've always talked not just after I told my boyfriend I needed a break, my ex doesn't even know about the break) I just don't know what to do, I'm so confused:

1. Does my boyfriend love me?

2. If not, it will hurt me a lot..what will I do then?

3. my ex still loves me, should I choose him though I'm not sure about my feelings now I'm so confused...


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  • k one simple answer.


    You left the first guy that I'm pretty pretty pretty sure loved you alot. As a matter of fact if he's still contacting you, for sure he does.

    Second, your second boyfriend sounds like a rebound from the first. Now I could be wrong. But at the end of the day you need to be alone. Left alone, not talking to both of them, and then you will know yourself which one you love and want to be with.

    Life isn't about jumping from one d**k to the other young one... Or who shows you more attention...

    You have a lot to learn...

    • Thats absolutly not true! I didn't sleep with my ex and I didn't love him that much. I liked being with him and stuff but I didn't love him this is why it didn't get serious. my boyfriend and i..huh its difficult to tell. from the beginning of he relationship I think he doesn't love me he says he does...but there's something in me that says no he doesn't. and because of this I am so afraid of my own feelings because I don't want to be heartbroken...again. got that?

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  • Well it seems like you still love your ex boyfriend, why did you break it off with your ex if he still loved you

    • i broke up with him because I didn't love him...i mean I loved to be with him and I loved him but not that way ...

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    • im 18. I keep in touch with him because we are friends for a while. and we have mutual friends so sometimes we are invited to the same programs...and we also went to the same school.

    • since you still like him, just date him and see were it goes, because its werid to keep up with someone from middle school and still thinks of them as a ex

  • Take your ex bf..this one is just a rebound..kidding... go talk to your ex..tell him how you feel

  • You sound like a selfish little girl who "knows what you want" but in reality you don't. Your more into being loved and having the relationship title then really making it work with a guy. Grow up, figure yourself out and stop breaking hearts but I get the impression you only care about yourself.

    • how could I broke my boyfriends heart if I don't thing he even loves me?am I selfish because maybe he lies to me for a year now? do you think it feels good?Im always there for him I make him little surprises I cook him his favorite food he can always count on me. but what I get? of course I'm not doing these things because I want something in return but it feels bad when you think you can count on your boyfriend but not! and yes I want to be loved,...loved back

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  • 1) how can we tell you whether he loves you or not

    2)life goes on.if he does not love you then someone else will... your boyfriend and your ex are not the only males left on earth

    3) if you love your ex then you can go back. but if you are unsure then there is no point in going back..u will breakup with him again and this will hurt him more

  • Why would you go back to your ex if you didn't love him? You broke up with him because you didn't want to be with him. I just don't get why you would consider leaving your boyfriend for your ex. Are you afraid to be alone? Sounds like your playing games. You just want someone to love you on your terms even if you aren't in love with them. Do you know what "love" is? Smh

    • you misunderstand. I love my boyfriend but now I m so confused that I can't even believe that he loves me and I don't want to face my feelings for him maybe because if we broke up it hurts even more.

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