From a guy's perspective please?

So this guy gave me his number. I didn't contact him for about a week because I didn't want to seem clingy or anything. recently we found each other on Facebook. he messaged me asking why I hadn't called/texted him. I finally texted him we talked for awhile. it's been almost a week since we've talked. from a guys perspective what does this mean?


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  • Remember: he's a guy. Lots of guys are "bad at the phone", meaning they don't tend to initiate phone calls much. Girls tend to be MUCH better at that, and he's probably used to girls calling him, rather than him calling them. I know it doesn't seem "fair", but it's just kind of the way things are.

    Calling a guy once a day, or once every other day, isn't "clingy". Calling him 17 times a day is. You don't need to worry about calling him too often unless you get to that point, LOL.

  • think you made the wrong move by not calling him. if you know in person just talk to him (in person). all should be well.


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