Confused about a guy?

There's a guy I think I like. He's smart and kind of nice to me, but he's a little... strange and can sometimes be a little arrogant. Pretty much all of my friends hate him or think he's weird (I have one guy friend who hates him and says he's kind of mean.) He's a little strange but kind of funny at the same time (today I saw him hugging a box that contained a brand new electric pencil sharpener that one of my teachers just got and sometime last week I also saw him... I'm not exactly sure what he was doing... he was kind of walking back and force in the hallway and looking at me (he was the only one in the hallway and I saw him because I was right next to the door). I also have this one friend (not a close one) who likes him but he turned her down like ten times (she's not exactly the most attractive). I'm not sure whether he likes me a lot and I'm still kind of young to be dating though about 25% of my grade has dated before. What should I do?


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  • You could give him a chance, but there definitely will be drama because he clashes with your friends. You'd have to spend time with him when they aren't around. As for the walking back & forth, that sounds kinda stalker-ish. Although, he may just be so nervous that he doesn't know what to say.


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