Where could I go (online) for women to rate how attractive I am??

I have recently started losing some self esteem. I am usually a very confident person. I am very smart, am pretty sure I am attractive and usually date very attractive women. Somehow, after a recent move from Florida to Illinois, I am not doing so well!

I used to be a part of a site called facethejury. There girls would rate me, and I could make friends and stuff. Sometimes even hook up!

Well, the site appears to be down. So does anybody know of ANOTHER site where I could put up a picture and people could anonymously rate me...thus me getting an idea of how attractive I actually am?

I joined hotornot and I am apparently a very strong 8. After looking at some guys pictures, it is fair to assume the only way to go higher is having a shirtless pic. Mine is me wearing a nice white jacket.

Anywho. So I feel better, and am PRETTY SURE that I live in an area with sh*tty women with no taste.



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  • Gag has one...

    • where?

    • Under reality section, I think it's a pic of I and then you do a little description of yourself

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  • I think there's a website called hotornot.com. I'm not sure but someone told me that.


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