Texting my crush is....hard...

I want to text my crush...but I don't know how to start the convo...what do guys lie to talk about? how would you want a girl to start a convo?


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  • You start with Hi

    I think it's better if you include his name. e.g : Hi, Scotty.

    And it isn't "how would you want a girl to start a convo"

    It differs from a guy to another.

    Just make sure, if you had that conversation, let him think about something, and then end the conversation, it needs to be you who end the conversation, and preferably not to sound out of boredom.

    It's interesting for a guy that a girl talks to him about stuff only guys would like, like sports or video games. but if he was smart and noticed it, you will just look so obvious which is kinda not attractive.

    It's usually what the (guy) should worry about.

    Since you are a girl, I'll say you just text him whatever and it shall work.

    Text him gibberish..He should like it.

  • stop texting. talk him in person.

    • well see that's the problem...a year ago we hookedup and it was all fun and games...but now I actually like him and I feel like he probably won't like me...he might think I'm slut?...kinda confusing...AND...i see him every weekend because he's my best friends friend...lol

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