Is it appreciated when a girl asks a guy to go out?

We've gone out twice so far, the first time he asked. The second time, I kind of told him to count me in if he ever decides to do something fun, so he suggested something awesome and we had great time.

We ended up kissing each other on the cheek. That's about how close we've gotten. Anyways, I was wondering if it is okay for me to ask him directly if he feels like going out this weekend? We are both 17.

We're not official or anything, so I don't know if I should ask. I was quite forward last time... I was basically like "Take me with you if you are thinking of doing something fun." Would we be considered to be "dating" but not yet in a relationship?


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  • guys are straight forward usually. tell him that if he doesn't like you, don't lead you on cos you start liking him already (he asked you out first date right?) and that "kiss on a cheek" is sorta mixed signal...but if he's the shy type...give him time;)


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  • yup, from my observation, experience, it is true, it is very appreciated