How long do you stay in bookstores/coffeeshops?

I'm usually there for like 3-4 hours and I usually buy one drink (coffee or tea or bottled water) and read. What about u? I'm asking because on the radio they were talking about how people go to these places and sit there till closing, basically using them for wifi or interviews or catching up on celebrity gossip...without getting out! lol


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  • I like writing there :) Taking my laptop and writing while I have a coffee or something is aaamayzing. It's relatively quiet and just so darn peaceful. Or reading, I can spend hoursss there. I read endlessly. But I don't quite stay til closing, lol. Same as you, usually about 3-4 hours.

    • =) Writing books? I go to B&N and they always have some music playing, but I still enjoy it...we don't have the quaint bookstores other places have...I enjoy it all the same... :)

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    • Ughh I know. Thanks for BA :)

    • No prob! Thanks!

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  • Coffeeshops, that's one thing I don't do. Bookstores, however, I can stay confined in for sometime. But some bookstores aren't just bookstores, anymore. Barnes and Noble, Books a Million, have more than just the fair share of what book stores used to have. I can easily get lost in there. Come to think of it, I have. But it's a break from work, and gives me something else to do. I just haven't made a practice of it in awhile.

    • I was thinking Barnes and Noble actually...unfortunately we don't have the smaller nonchain stores here so...I love B&N're right; it is easy to get lost in there! =)

    • Well, it's progressed to a lot more than just books there these days. They've got a little bit of everything. CD's, DVD's, comics, magazines, collectibles-anything. I don't do it that often, but have a friend that does it an awful lot that I haven't seen in sometime now.

    • Yep you're right...I see a lot of nooks and even toys now!

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  • It's funny that you ask this, because I work in a bookstore and was just thinking about this yesterday. I work in the kids section quite often, and quite often parents will come in and sit and chat, and just basically let their kids go wild. They throw balls everywhere, and spill their hot chocolate (there's a Starbucks right inside the store), and yell and scream, and then when the parents are done socializing, they grab their kids and go, leaving me to clean everything up... sad thing is that it's usually so slow in there, that I'm happy to have something to do. It bugs me that they don't even buy anything, or even LOOK at any books. That's *kinda* what I'm there for...

    From what I've seen, there are four basic kinds of book shoppers.

    - Those that come in knowing exactly what they want, so they grab it, buy it, and get out.

    - There are the ones that come in for one thing, but then on their way to find it, they get distracted and they end up browsing for hours.

    - Then there are those that buy coffee, come in alone (or with a friend), and just spend the whole day walking around the store, browsing books and chatting.

    - And then there are those who come in, buy a coffee, sit in a chair in the middle of the bookstore and socialize fore two hours, and then leave without buying anything. Um, hello? There are a million other places that you could do that!

    I tend to be the second one, although oddly enough, since I started working at the bookstore, I've been doing a lot less browsing and shopping... haha

    • That''s crazy! Y'all can't say anything? Yeah, I've seen magazines before where you can tell people have been reading them because the pages are bent and what not...crazy!

  • I never got the coffee shop thing. I don't even buy coffee there. Lol

    But bookstores are fun. I walk around the isles pick the books I find interesting and read a few pages. Other times I'm there until I find what I am looking for

  • I love the coffee shop! Sometimes I go there with a friend and we talk for hours and play Operation (we're easily amused)...sometimes I bring a good book and if they would let me I would stay there all day...I always look forward to the smell of coffee shops and the one I go to is so small and cozy :)

    • Operation? They just have it around for people to play with? lol

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    • we found it under a table/desk and just always put it back's great because it has a separate room from the walk in and there is the most comfortable couch ever! In the winter, it's awesome because there's a little fireplace, which makes it all the better to read by

    • Couch? Fireplace? Man that sounds awesome!

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