Boys, will you always text her?

Will you always text the girl you like if you have her number? Like any chance you get? Or if you like her will you be shy to text her?


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  • guys aren't to fond of texting really we are the more physicial touching and hugging.i like a girl and even before she friendzoned me I didn't even text that much.but I tryd every time I thought of her I did..but I was working a lot just depends on the guy and were he stands whether he has goals and stuff.cause attraction has two sides your side and his if you both don't work at it one gets left out and just drops out the race..if he's not texting..and you like him you should be the stronger one that way yo will know if he likes you or not.of course us men should be the first to iniate but we aren't always thinking so open minded we are physicial creatures..girls are more mentally stable when it comes to talking..were we lack those help him out if you like him if you don't dont lead him on:)

    • Okay, yeah. This helps, thanks! This kid will act like he likes me whenever we're in the same vicinity, but he has yet to initiate a text to me. I was curious to know if that was a deal-breaker or not, thanks!

    • just keepin it real I know how you feel

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  • I'm going to have to say no...

    The girl I like doesn't carry her phone around with her, so I'd have to sit around waiting for it. AND I HATE WAITING FOR TEXTS, I GET SO ANXIOUS. <------ just had to get that out there.

    I'd text her once in awhile just for a hello when I haven't seen her for awhile.

    • Okay, thank you!

    • im the same way..oohh sh*t what's that oh that's my phone false alarm.

  • no I won't text the girl I like every chance I get. I would feel as though I was being very obvious that I liked her

  • No, not every chance we get. And shyness also depends on the girl and dynamics of the relationship...


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