Do guys mind if a girl asks for the second date?

or would they prefer they do the pursuing?

Let's assume in this instance, the guy has already told the girl he likes her (she didn't say it back, but has slightly flirted), and has turned the guy down 2 times in the past for a hook up (yet somehow he still asked her to dinner).


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  • weirdly enough, I am the guy in this situation (almost exactly same) I would love it if the girl showed interest, just so I don't feel like she is doing it because I am pestering her. A relationship takes two people too work and if he constantly feels like he is the one doing all the work he will move on. Having said that try to let him own the idea, so that he believes it was his :). might give his ego a much needed boost.

    If you want to ask me more Q's, I'll be more than happy to answer (just friend me)

    • Thank you! I considered that maybe it was because he wasn't sure of MY interest level, and that's why he didn't kiss me on the way out after the first date and why he hasn't insinuated a second. So you're saying it wouldn't be out of line to say I would like to see him again. I figure, even if he turns out to be uninterested, at least I tried.

    • Well, all you can do is try, I would guess that he did not kiss you on the first date because he doesn't know if he should. If he has been chasing you for this long I highly doubt he is uninterested. The girl that I am chasing cancelled dinner on me so I am gutted at.the moment. Wish you all the best.

    • Thank you so much for your help. I will ask for a second.

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