Going on first date tonight, any help here?

So I'm good at talking, being funny, and having a good time like that. I feel confident about that. My problem is breaking the touch barrier/progressing physically. I feel like I'm pushing myself on the girl and I don't know how fast to go.

Me and this girl have only known each other for a week and have only talked once in person and that was when I got her number. So how much physical contact would be appropriate on the first date? We are in college by the way.

Like holding hands, kissing, hug, arm around shoulder, and where is safe to touch? Is hands on her hip too much, where is the boundary?



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  • Kissing, arm around shoulder really are not appropriate unless she initiates it. If you want to play it safe, try putting your arm on her shoulder when you're about to turn a corner or if you're ready to cross the street, a little contact just knowing you're there to let her know she's safe when you're walking, is a good idea. If she reciprocates contact you know you're on pretty safe ground. Also, if you plan on going out to dinner, directing her by contact so she doesn't bump into other people or to keep others from running her over when going to the table is a good idea. That's something I really like my honey to do.


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  • Ooo Goodluck! :) I'm going on a first date soon to and to me personally I wouldn't mind a big hug first to break the ice for me a bit the rest can just go with the flow you'll know :)


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  • tbh on a first date I would keep contact to a minimum if I touch her at all. id get to know her really well and play it safe, let her initiate. but that's just me. good luck! =)

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