Will girls assume this is a date?

Sorry, I just asked a similar question but I'm looking for a few more quick answers because I'm going on the "date" soon.

We are going bowling and out for food after. We are in college and we are going out at night. Just us. Will she assume it's a date? I mean, I want it to be a date. Oh and we have only known each other for a week...

Or would she think we are just "hanging out"?


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  • If you've only known each other week and it's just the two if you, she'll most likely think it's a date. If you had been friends for awhile, it could be seen as just buddies hanging out, but since you haven't, it's a date for sure.


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  • Alone with a chick you want to get to know = date.

    Alone with your high school friend who happens to be a girl and you are not attracted to = hanging out.

  • Sounds like she is at home wondering about the exact same thing. I wound think its a date but if none of you are sure then if I were her I would sure be careful to not get my hopes up. Just take it as it comes and enjoy yourself, don't think too much.

    • So if she's comfortable going out with just me, she would be fine with it being a date even if she is unsure at the beginning? So if I pay and be flirty, she would know it's a date for sure and be fine with it?

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    • well OK on the date we had pizza and we talked about my roommate being super anti social. But when I got back to my dorm, my roommate actually offered my pizza haha. So I texted her saying something about that and then said I had a ton of fun. She did respond but she only said "haha that's crazy" (about the roommate thing). Wouldn't you think she would say "yea I had fun too" or something like that? I don't know I responded later that night saying have a goodnight and no response to that

    • OH MY GAWD. that good night message was kinda too much especially consediring she didn't respond to you last msg, stop being clingy and and stop over thinking every little shiz :-)

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