Guy what do you consider as dating?

Like when a guy tells a girl that he wants to be dating her or said something like "if we were dating" then proceeded to say stuff you'd do together or ask you about stuff. What would you likely want to consider her as? Like dating her as in casual, or girlfriend, fwb? Would you mention anything about dating or potentially dating if you just wanted sex?

Can someone please help me with my question? :( Girls answers are welcome too!


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  • Assuming you two were already seeing each other, if the guy says "if we were dating..." then it sounds like he means gf/bf. For me, I'd consider her as my main squeeze but you guys might wanna talk about being mutually exclusive to cover your bases ;). It doesn't sound like he means casual, he wants to be your boyfriend.

    If he's a good guy and wants to date you then he's probably in it for a bit more than the sex. Bring it up the next time you see him to get it off your chest, it might lead to something good!

    • okay well he does talk about havin sex and stuff but he mentioned the dating stuff. and no we weren't really seeing each other yet. we do talk a lot though. so does this still mean he actually wants to really be seeing me as a potential girlfriend?

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