Why won't he buy me a plane ticket already?

Ok I met this millionaire on a dating site. He said distance is not a problem. We've been talking for a few weeks now. We have talked on the phone multiple times. We text each other a lot too and he said he thinks I'm attractive. I told him I like him. I really do genuinely like him and we have a lot in common...(except for his interest in football). Anyway I have been sort of nudging him about coming to see him. He has talked about it and stuff but no cigar. I asked him about it the day before yesterday and he replied saying that we would talk about plans the following day. But we never did.

I don't understand what's going through his mind...I really don't. If he doesn't really like me, then why send me flirty texts and talk about what we would do together?

Guys, can you help me out here?

ok I just don't think he's interested. I told him I almost backed out of my spring break plans. And then I asked him "what if I really had?" Kind of as a hint. Then he was like "I have no clue when you're spring break is." I really like him but he's giving on signals that he's not that interested. I should have known, anyway. I'm not blond and I don't have a british accent. And he probably has tons of girls throwing themselves at him


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  • No offense...but you sound pushy about meeting him.

    Just cauz he mentioned it doesn't mean that he's ready for that step.

    Plus he may be really busy...ppl who make millions are really busy ppl.


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  • How sure are you that he is, in fact, a millionaire?

    • I'm pretty sure. Just by everything he's told me. Everything he's said checks out

  • He assumes (rightly) that you're a gold digger.

    Pay for your own damn ticket.

    • well, the site that I met him on is for gold diggers. so...

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  • 1) you're one of many, and need to wait your turn.

    2) he is full of sh*t

    3) he is hideous, and isn't ready for the phone sex to end yet

    4) He thinks (knows?) you're a gold digger...

    FYI Actual Millionaires don't advertise that if they are looking for something real...

    • I bet you your ass he isn't hideous. you dweeb..

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    • ok, How about Mark Zuckerberg?

    • You think Zuckerberg is hot?

  • uh I would be careful about flying out to meet a complete stranger. this is how people get caught up in human trafficking. you never know what could happen so I would either be extremely careful or don't fly out to see him. for all you know he could be homeless.

    • everything he's said to me has been congruent with the fact that he's wealthy. So I kinda do believe him

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    • If he wanted to rape me, I'm pretty sure he would've bought the ticket by now

    • thats what he wants you to think. ahaha jk he might be a very nice and normal guy, there's just no way to tell. so just be careful in whatever you decide to do!

  • OP use common sense. You're so excited about talking to a guy who claims to be a millionaire that you're losing your focus. You are probably not the only girl he is talking to, don't be so thirsty. He's having phone sex with you, not bonding emotionally with you. If he ever did meet you in person I hope you aren't expecting a relationship. Maybe you can get him to trick some cash on you but I doubt he's looking for a girlfriend. The guy might not even be a millionaire at all, he could just do research and know what to say to fool dumb girls on the internet.