At the end of the first date...?

So I just got done with my first date. It lasted way over two hours. She seemed to have a lot of fun because she was doing most of the conversation and well, it lasted nearly 3 hours. There were zero awkward pauses in the conversations and she was laughing a good amount.

Alright, so at the end of the date, it was "that moment." Kiss or not. Well, as I was thinking for a split second, she offered a big hug and said thanks a lot. What does it mean that she offered the hug? We did not kiss though because it just didn't feel right at that moment.

I texted her after I got back saying I had fun, but she did NOT respond. That can't be good :(

So what do you guys think? It lasted a long time, she offered the hug, and was smiling and carrying the conversation. But she didn't reply to the text at the end. Thoughts?


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  • Ooooooooh that's not good. When I'm uncomfortable and my date is boring, I do most of the talking. Then at the end I do whatever I can to get out of a kiss. And I don't text back.

    This happens because I'm frustrated when my date doesn't encourage talking - like he's always relying on ME to be the conversation starter. After I realize a date is a guy who leans on me to do most the entertaining for the evening, I get pretty dulled out and have to work extra hard to talk and keep away the awkward moments.

    And to prove my point that I am unhappy with his reticence, I don't kiss him.

    • I did talk though! When I said she carried the conversation I meant it to mean she was into the conversations. There were zero, ZERO awkward pauses. If she didn't like it, she would have stopped at some point and it would have gotten awkward. Why did it last 3 hours if she didn't like it? After about 1.5 hrs, we got done bowling and I asked if she wanted to get food. She could have said "nah I gotta go study" or something, but instead she said yes. And she wanted me to pick where to eat...

    • So she texted back, but it wasn't a great response. In my text I said how I had a fun time but in her response, she didn't say anything about her having fun or anything. Just a simple response. You can read my comment on the other answer if you want to see what she said in context. But what should I take from that? She did respond, but it was a sh*tty response...

  • well, if she did most of the talking, maybe she thought you weren't into her. I tend to talk a lot to fill the gap during dates. it doesn't necessarily mean that I'm into my date. I just hate awkward pauses, so I work hard to make them disappear.

    • It wasn't like she was talking 90% of the time. I'm saying she did a lot of talking. After bowling, I asked if she wanted to go get some food and she said yes. She easily could have said "nah I have to get back and study" or something like that. Then she offered the hug at the end

    • well, if you're so sure give it some time, maybe she'll eventually respond.

    • Good news and bad news. Good news: she texted me back. Bad news: OK so in my text I said how my roomie offered me pizza when I got back(which was funny because we ate pizza on the date and I told her how my roommate is super anti social so it was kinda funny seeing him out like that) and I said how I wanted to let her know I had a ton of fun. Her response was just "haha that's crazy" Like WTF? Is she not interested?

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