When you say that you've been together with your SO for __ months/years...

When do you start counting? Your fist date? First kiss? first sex? I'm dating someone who was my friend, so I've known him for much longer than I had feelings for him. Also we've been moving really slow, so our first casual date was in October, we had our real date a month after that, first kiss followed several weeks afterward, and although we're now pretty comfortable with each other, sex is still months away, I think.

We also haven't had the talk, although I've met his best friends and he's met some of mine (i'm out of state, so hard to meet my friends), and most of our friends know that we're dating.


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  • Because dates are just dates and don't necessarily mean anything I go by the day we made it official (July 20 2010) as opposed to our first date (the week or two before?).

    When you both declare it as official it is official. And not that Facebook official bull crap but when you get together like grown adults and say "Hey, lets be official boyfriend/girlfriend".

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