Dated this guy and was going good but had one bad night....?

so I was dating this guy for 3 weeks, it was going really well we saw each other about 2 to 3 times a week then he invited me on a 3 day get away to a cabin with two of his friends and his friends girlfriend. we had a great first two days and on the last day he passed out early and I ended up getting so drunk I blacked out. The next morning he told me I had come into the room and tried to start a verbal fight with him and asked him if he was dating other people and told him I went out to coffee with some guy (which was not true) anyway he told me everything was fine not to worry however he was acting distant. once I was dropped off I realized I left my cell charger in his car. That was on a Friday morning and I told him that I had Monday off so we could get together. Monday came and I was in class all day but planned to see him after. He text me later that he had to cancel but dropped my cell charger off at my house( knowing fully that I wasn't there) and that he would hit me up later... well he never text me again. I text him and asked if he wanted to get together for lunch or coffee and talk because I felt something was off and at the very least wanted to be friends and cool... again no answer... so tonight I text in acceptance that it was over. He still has my pj's and I said hey you still have my pj's I'm in class mon and wed all day so next time your int he area can you drop those off. you can leave them at the door if no ones home. thx ;). My question is... did he really care about me at all? or can one night being a crazy drunk wild girl ruin everything? why does nothing that we did together that was good matter?


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  • Alright some tough love is coming your way haha. That night probably freaked him out. He saw this other side of you that he didn't see before. Now, not saying this is true for all but a lot of peoples true feelings and insecurities come out when drinking. So even if that's not the case with you that may be how he's seeing things. It's not that he didn't care about you he's just looking ahead in the future. So in his mind he may think you're insecure or you're an angry drinker who knows! But don't take it too hard, just take your pride and March on. Honestly if he stopped liking you after that kind of shows you the person he is. Instead of just talking about it or trying to work it out he just gives up. You can do better!

    • Thank you! that really is the best advice I have got on here. Update yeah he did leave and ignored me for a couple weeks then finally answered an email I sent him worried about that night... he said he noticed that I wanted something more and he didn't so he wished me the best and that was it. I think you are right. I think he probably saw me in a different light and didn't like it. abd yeah your right about the kind of person he is.

    • Thanks for best answer! So glad I could help, and glad you moved on! Guys like that aren't worth the time haha!

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  • Yeah, unfortunately that is the way of life.

    When you buy sweets for everybody in the class every week, do you get known as the "kind guy". NO

    When you score in every football match, do you get known as the "scoring machine". NO

    When you get caught once masturbating at the swimming pool, you will forever be known as "the wanker" LOL

    Thats life girl

    • yea but even if you were the wanker one night that does not mean you would suddenly change your mind about someone right? I mean like him or anyone is any exception to getting drunk and acting stupid? I dated guys that have got stupid drunk before but I knew that they were drunk and that 90 percent of the time they are not like that...

    • I would say the main thing here was timing...

      It was early in your relationship and the first time away with him AND his friends. He was most probably trying to impress his friends with his new girlfriend, and there you go and loose control (and make a scene looking for a fight)

      Could very well be that his friends now look upon you as a pisscat and trouble seeker or something similar

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