Why can I never see a guy a second time?

even when I really like the guy, I never dare to sa yes to seeing him another time. is this normal? and can I do something about it? because I really regret not seeing these guys :(


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  • Just push past your fears and say yes because for all you know the guy likes you right back wants you to say yes.

    • i just feel like as long as I don't know why I'm afraid to see them again, it won't work out. I only saw a guy again once. and as soon as I was in the same room as him, I "ran away" :-/

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    • hmm...is it stupid to think like that when he's the one asking to meet?

    • Not stupid at all.

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  • err...do it? Get some guts and ask to see them again.

    • thats not what I mean. they did ask, I just had to say yes. but I couldn't, I don't know why :(

    • oh sorry I think I misinterpreted your answer!

      you think that after saying no I should ask them out now, right? that's not possible lol I can't even say yes, let alone ask them out.

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  • I know what you mean. First time I take a guys money, especially if he's good looking and kind, I'd hate to see him again for another in-call...

    • ?

      i don't take their money lol

    • Oh, okay. I thought you were talking about something like that.

    • nah I'm talking about guys I really like. the ones that I could imagine getting serious with

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