What does dating mean to guys?

Guys what does dating mean to you? To me it means that you are going out with a girl and seeing how you 2 connect and she eventually becomes your girlfriend. Lately I've noticed that dating to guys means just sex. If you were to say to a girl that you want to date her and you have sex with her...what is your definition?


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  • Dating for guys is an opportunity to spend time with the opposite gender. It is not a guarantee that anything more will come from it. If you don't want to be the victim of a sexual hit-and-run, don't sleep with a guy until he asks you to be his girlfriend.

    I got out of a relationship 3 years ago and when I did I had many opportunities to date. I found out pretty quickly that guys were asking me out because they were attracted to me physically. It did not mean they saw any long term potential for a relationship. So I learned to tell a guy up front that I did not believe in sex outside of a committed relationship. I wouldn't make a big deal about it, but I would slip it in a convo by the second date. And, then, I would stick by it. Just because you say something like that doesn't mean a guy won't hope you will let your guard down and sleep with them anyways. Then, any guy who kept pushing to be intimate but wasn't asking me to be his girl, well, I dumped them. Hey I don't fault guys for wanting sex, but they shouldn't fault a woman for wanting a relationship.

    One thing to know is a lot of guys think casual sex is fun and if they like it, well they cannot imagine why you wouldn't like it too. For them, if they had sex with a girl and later found out she did not want anything more from them, many a man would be okay. I have found that many a woman is not okay with that. We tend to fall for a guy we would have sex with.

  • For most of them, it honestly means finding a girl they're attracted to with a cool personality whom they can get to put out. Trust me, I'm around a ton of guys with more brothers and cousins than any girl should have! lol especially when they bring all their friend's around! Dating, for most people these days, has become about sex.

    • okay but when they say dating do they mean someone just to have sex with or does it mean like your having sex with them but they obviously mean something to you?

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    • they feel like 'why not keep her around?' that's often how FWB is born. It's really hard to tell though like with some of my cousins and their friends, they're those traditional respectful guys yet they still have their needs. They won't blantantly make it obvious, but I know them and I know it's there deep down

    • I think anon is basically right.

      Guys are often not looking for a serious relationship, so even ones who want a girlfriend, they're looking for someone cool to hang out with and have sex with. They aren't asking if it could get serious, because they don't care if it gets serious or not. If it does, it happens, but if not, they're not disappointed.