Texting a guy I have never met (special circumstance)?

So I started texting this guy because of my best friend. I had just gone through a break up and she told me about him and said he was an amazing guy. So we starting texting each other. But since then it has been two years and we still haven't met. Whenever we do try and meet he always comes up with excuses or starts fights so that he says he is so mad he doesn't want to see me. So I guess my question is can this guy even be possible? will he ever show up? or am I just being played? because I don't think a guy can go that long without seeing the girl he "loves with all his heart"...

And can guys honestly go that long without seeing the girl they "love"? like without cheating or finding that real affection somewhere else?


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  • Sheesh, 2 years may become 20 years. I think he should have met up with you after 2 months.


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  • Two... years? Seriously? You two live far away from each other?

    Stop texting him and see what he does. Even if he texts you.

  • Maybe he just sees you as friend.


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  • I've texted a guy for 4 years and never have met him. LOL IM LIKE IN LOVE WITH HIM NOW. It sucks. And I don't want to hear none of that you can't fall in love far distance sh*t. We text EVERYDAY though. Hahh you think it would get boring but nawwww.

    • dont you ever wish or try to see him ? how come you guys have never met up ?

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    • ya send me your story I'm interested.. kinda nice to kno I'm not the only one that is going through something lik this

    • Okay but you have to friend me because you are anon haha.