This Is My First REAL Date, Any Suggestions On Things To Talk About?

Okay.. For everyone who hasn't read my previous posts... I've been really crushing on this guy. I went with my aunt to her in-laws..and he (her younger brother in-law) had just moved back in with them. I was immediately attracted to him, which is weird..because with most people I see..I might feel a physical attraction..but I can let it go, & move on almost immediately, & completely forget about them. I told my aunt I was attracted to him, & asked if it was weird. She said it wasn't, he's not related, & anyone would be stupid not to notice he's attractive. I had no clue how to get a hold of him, so I sent a Facebook request. He hadn't been on in two years. His brother called him, chit-chatted, & told him he should check his Facebook. He got on, added me, & messaged me. He said he didn't get on there much, but he would try to check it more in the future. I replied saying that I was wanting to get to know him, and was wondering if there was another way to talk since he's not crazy about Facebook. He was already off before I sent it. A month had passed, and he still hadn't checked it. I got the opportunity to go back with my aunt a couple times. When we were alone in the living room, we started talking, & Facebook came up..I told him I replied back. He apologized for not checking it, & checked it & answered out loud, "Sure! I don't see a problem with us hanging out." But, we didn't exchange numbers. The next night, my aunt said to write my number down on a piece of paper, & he wanted it. I found out SHE ASKED HIM if he wanted it. He didn't call, or text. I sent a message on Facebook asking how his Christmas went. I had the opportunity to go & see him again, but didn't go.. He replied back a couple days later, & said it was good, how was mine, & ended it with, "We should get together soon?" I answered & he was already off. I had said yes, & asked if he still had my number. Nearly a month later he got back on, & said, "I'm so sorry I haven't called you. I have no good excuse, so I'll save the b.s. But how about dinner next week?" I said that sounded great, & asked if he texted. He texted me & said, "From time to time...etc...etc" & we texted a bit. He asked if next Friday was okay for me. We texted about music, & college, etc. I asked his middle name. He said, "Now we're getting personal aren't we?" & told me his middle name, & asked mine. I couldn't tell if he was kidding when he said that or what. It's so hard to tell when someone is kidding or being serious in a text or through e-mail. He had never heard my music before, & he asked if I'd burn him a cd...which I thought was cool that he wanted to give my music a shot. But then he hadn't texted me in a couple days..or called. My aunt told me to check with him & make sure that "Next Friday" wasn't this Friday, since that was on a Sunday & Monday when he mentioned it. He said next Friday was okay, & was 7 a good time to pick me up. I'm nervous. I have no idea if this guy is even physically attracted to me.


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  • Be yourself and have fun. The goal is not to win him over, the goal is to see if you two make a good couple and enjoy each others company. If he doesn't like you when you're being yourself, there's no point in faking it to get a 2nd date.

    • I'm afraid of being myself 2 the point that I scare him away. When I open up, I tend 2 over-share. &, atm I'm going 2 therapy because I'm struggling with depression, & phobias. 2 of those phobias are driving & going back 2 work. So, I'm really afraid he'll ask something, & I won't lie..& I'll end up scaring him away. He's older (35), but it doesn't seem weird 2 me. I wasn't raised around people my age. & most of my friends are in their late 20's/early 30's. I don't think he's dated someone my age.

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    • Honestly, his behavior only makes sense if either he got nudged into asking you out, or he's also been battling depression, or both. By 'both' it may mean he found you attractive, but had trouble actually taking initiative. Anyway. Try to have a good time and just see what happens.

    • Ahhh. Hopefully he wasn't pushed into it. I will definitely try..unless he cancels.. lol. Thank you

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