Two guys, what if one asks me out?

Okay so here's the scoop. I like two guys, pretty much equally. Now this is thinking really far into the future (probably won't happen anyways), but I'm worried what if one of them asks me out, like exclusively? What would I do? I have wanted a boyfriend for a little while, but now that I like two guys, I couldn't decide who to go for.

I wouldn't want to hurt the other ones feelings, so now I don't know if I want a boyfriend anymore. But if things got more intense with both, how would I ever choose?

Guy #1-taller than me by a lot, so I could wear heels and he's still a little taller. He's got a body I am after in a guy, he's cute, and nice to me. We've hung out twice already since I met him three weeks ago.

Guy #2-an inch taller than me. Is cute also, has nice muscular arms. I've hung out with him once since meeting him two weeks ago, but am planning on going to his house party tomorrow.

They both texted me lots when I first met them, now I have had to initiate conversation for the couple weeks. I'm heading into mid-terms now, so I won't be able to hang out with them for a few weeks.

But I don't want either to lose interest in me, they're both super nice guys and I like them a lot.


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  • Coming from a guys perspective, it doesn't matter what they really look like. Its what's inside what makes you guys really happy. You'll have to decide either way. You can't play them both. sorry to say, you have to make up your mind. Either way one of them is to get hurt. Better ealier before he starts liking you then after. Make sure you choose the one you are more happy with. Maybe, its best to really look in yourself what's the best decison for you. We aren't play things, I know how you feel is different but guys may view it different also. Look it through their eyes. I recently got played also by a girl in the same situation. I'm not saying you're doing it intentionally but it hurts to be on the other side Be happy and itll fall in place. Good luck

    • I haven't really gone on dates before. My parents say dating is when you two go on dates but are free to go on dates with others and being exclusive is just you two and only you two. Neither have asked me to be exclusive, and they probably won't ask me anyways, but thought I'd ask for advice. I wanna keep seeing them both to get to know them better.

    • Yes then get to know them better. Maybe a date wouldent hurt, to see whether it turns out sour or perfect. I personally, would like to tell you to continuouly do that but dont. It hurts someone. Maybe possibly you. Dating for me is when you guys are "talking" you don't talk to different people in the same manner. One step at a time =] Maybe thatll help you a bit. If it doesn't work out them , sure! move on to the other you find might be good for you

    • I'm sorry you confused me :S Guy #1 the first time after meeting him took me to a movie. Guy #2 I just hung out with him and his friends the first time after meeting him. I'd like to hang out with them more. How is that hurting either? I would be jealous if they're seeing other girls (but it's only fair since we're not exclusive), but if I talk to just one and ignore the other, what if it doesn't work out? Then the other wouldn't wanna talk to me then.

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  • man lfie is too short to be with someone yu don't truly pick the one you like the most..and ask him go for looks neither..go for they treat you..if theyr nice..etc..

  • whatever you do just make sure you take your time and do it right..cause you don't want to have any regrets


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  • Maybe you should get to know them better before you decide, because your descriptions are mostly physical only, and we know there's more to a guy than that, right? ;)

    • Yeah, like I said this is thinking way into the future, but it got me thinking "What would I do?" They're both equally nice to me.

    • Well, maybe they won't stay equally nice. Maybe you'll develop stronger feelings for one of them. I'm afraid nobody here can tell.