He texts again after two months...why?

Before I posted a question here describing my situation. Basically I met a guy in my class, but realized after I stopped hearing from him after the final exam that he was talking to me just to use me to get a good mark. The details are here:"was this guy just using me" (can't link to posts)

Not long ago I received a text from him. why?


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  • maybe he does want to be friends or maybe he just needs more help, you could try giving it a chance and see if he begins to ask you to help him with even more stuff, if he does then he's probably just using you but what if he isn't? its all about wether you want to give him the benefit of the doubt or assume the worst which very well may be the case

    • Thanks for answering! The thing is the class we shared is finished so I can't imagine what else he would need me for. I'm definitely interested in him which is why I'm thinking so much into it...is there a way for me to find out his intentions without asking him? Lol

    • u could ask him what took him so long to call u, lol in a joking way of course or you could just give it a try and see if he does indeed end up asking you for anything else, good luck I hope he doesn't have any bad intentions

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