My friend that I don't even hang out with annoys me with her text messages! What do I do?

We don't hang out. We were high school friends. We hanged out once ever since I left high school. She is nice but its starting to get annoying when she text me about what she is doing randomly and she will tell me about the dates she goes with with her fiance. I feel like she us trying to brag. She will tell me that she is getting invited to different parties when I didn't even ask. I mean she is not s close friend. I told her once it annoys me then she stopped them started it again. And when I do ignore her she will text me hours later and ask me a question

  • Ignore her when she starts texting you stuff
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  • Pretend this is no longer your number
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  • Tell her boyfriend if he is your friend
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  • Just text her something to get off the subject
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  • I had the same experience.. my friend, she likes to talk. A lot. We study in different cities, but during the summer we were both back home. She texted me every single day, even though we both had summer jobs. If I didn't text her back,she would text again and again and again until I answerd. so I would usually text sth back just to shut her up :) it's even more annoying than a guy you don't like constantly texting you

    • What do you mean by sth?

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    • I heard that texting "K" works too

    • First in thr morning she will reply "hi" and when I don't reply she will text me "hi" again. And either way if I don't reply she will find something to ask me or tell me about. Examples:"im hungry" "im going over my friends house" "(bf name) I think is ignoring me" "im with (bf name) I even tried saying ttyl which works but after a while it gets uniformed and she might be able to tell. I don't want to be mean about it. Its so annoying. If I don't text her that same hour she will come up with sth