What do you think about my sports analogy about guys and relations with females?

Since the SuperBowl is coming, I found this analogy fitting.

I was talking to my 12 year bro about girls (since he's in grade 7).

I came up with this analogy for guys in reference to relations with females, and it made sense to him, so I'll share what I came up with.


Males teach the "offensive" skills in dating: as in instilling overall MASCULINITY (females can't teach this no matter how much they try), how to spark interest, sexually attract, and ultimately get a girl (hookup, FWB, eventually girlfriend if that what's he after).

This, males teach "offense", how to score points, how to "get the lead", aka how to get her initially.


Females teach the "defensive" skills in dating: how to make a girl feel special, how to communicate with the female gender, and most importantly how females feel & think about certain situations / issues / topics when they arise, as well as how the guy can tend to these needs.

These are important once the guy is in a relationship because the "defense" is how the emotional needs by the female are met to keep her happy and overall satisfied in a relationship.

With no defense, how can you maintain your offensive production, right?

Thus, females teach "defense", how to "maintain the lead", aka how to keep her once you get her.


Like I told my brother, there's a reason why guys that take the large majority of "girl advice" from girls portray themselves as less masculine and , have problems getting girls in the first place.

While guys who get the large majority of guys who get "girl advice" from other guys (friends, neighbors, etc.), can get girls to hook-up with, but can't keep a girlfriend.


I think I'm on to something.

What do you think about what I said above? Do you agree or disagree?

Please vote and elaborate. Be long-winded like me if you want lol.

Don't forget to rate the question.


Thanks for reading and your input, everyone. :)

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Most Helpful Guy

  • I agree very much so with what you've posted.

    I'm going to give a short follow-up:

    Girls need to be as pretty, emotionally available and friendly to get men to approach. These are all passive traits.

    Guys need to work up the courage to approach, plus have something interesting to say once they get past "hi". These are all active traits.

    What many girls don't want to realize is that they can't always get the man of their dreams, only because guys do put a lot of stock in a girl's looks. That doesn't mean they can't get a good man.

    What many men don't realize is that they may not be all that in the conversational and humor departments, hence why they can't land a pretty girl that has a lot of competition from other men. Women like assertive men.

    Both men and women can find mates, but they have to maximize the traits that the opposite gender finds most appealing, instead of complaining about it. Men aren't going to stop liking beauty and low-drama girls for long-term partners, no more than girls are going to stop trying to find men who are funny, charismatic and assertive.

    Wow, perhaps that wasn't so short after all. :)

    • i believe the best, short-way to put it is that men and women are not the same, therefore do not find the same traits, attributes attractive

    • Yes, and to find the desires of the "other" to be "offensive" or "unfair" is just plain ignorant.

    • yeah it's best to just adapt to it

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What Girls Said 4

  • ok.. but what about Special Teams?

    and many 'games' are won and loss on "turnovers" ..

    So how do you propose to work them in?

    • Like I told my brother..."'special teams' is the x-factor to the game...and that is your personality."

      As for turnovers...imma have to work on that. :)

    • well, I'm withholding judgement until your analogy is finished

  • Way too much stereotype thinking in that anology. So no, not for me.

  • Very good for Saturday morning reading! lol

  • I think you're just saying what we've heard a million times already

    So yes...sure I agree.


What Guys Said 1

  • sounds pretty accurate to me